Why do you need an image Consultant

Why do you need an Image Consultant?

What really is our image? Is it conjured by others or is it a true reflection of ourselves? Many of us believe that our image is what others think about us. We let their perceptions shape our image and as a result, our identity.

This is where we are wrong. Rip apart the idea or notion that our image is focused only on others’ image. Your image is a combination of how you see yourself and how others see you. According to popular opinion, your image is plastic, that is, it is a fake concept. 

However, the question that arises here is that your image can never be completely false, as even a reflection has to be created by someone. It is your image that reflects your true values through your dressing, appearance, behavior, soft skills, etc

Thus, your image is not just you in the eyes of others, but also you in the eyes of yourself.  In order to develop a better inner image, you need to begin with fixing yourself in your own eyes. Once you have resolved to fix this, your image undergoes a complete transformation that changes you inside out and reflects in the eyes of others.

This is where Image Consultants come in. Image Consultants have mastered the art of bringing about a change that transforms you from the inside and outside.

 An Image Consultant helps you bring a 360° transformation into your body. The transformation an Image Consultant helps you undergo is not superficial, it is true and best in its own sense.

Believe it and become it.
Meenal Narula
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