Beauty Pageants

You are a pageant organiser and having selected your candidates, now you have to start training them. Learning what to wear, how to walk, and having to communicate well on and off stage are some of the skills that are essential for you and also match with what we provide in our pageant training.

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Dress right for your Body Type

Dress right for your Body Type
In this course, we focus on teaching how to dress as per our unique body and learn to choose clothes that fit and flatter our beautiful variations. These help the ladies understand how to look leaner and taller on the stage.

Ace the Q & A Round

Ace the Q & A Round
A big scoring component of beauty pageants is the question answer round and aren’t we scared of fumbling on the mic in front of thousands. This hands-on course will teach you the techniques to answer any question you are presented with poise, polish and confidence.

Powerful Body Language

Powerful body language
Long before you speak, your body language on the stage speaks volumes about your confidence and personality. This course focuses on enhancing all the attributes of non verbal communication to instil the right elegance and power in your posture and help you conduct yourself on and off stage like a winner.

360° Grooming Program

Let all your pageant finalists benefit from our 360* grooming program that will enhance their appearance, body language, communication and etiquette. This program can be customised as per your unique requirements. Drop us a message to know more.

Build your own program

Build your own Program
Our training is personalised and tailored to cater to your needs and are outcome-focused.


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