Our Inhouse programs encompass a wide range of personal development modules that aim to make you more poised, polished, and powerful. You can undertake a one-to-one consultation or a group session with us on any of the following topics.

Social Etiquette

Social Etiqutte
How you behave in social situations influences how others perceive and treat you. Social etiquette practices will teach you how to confidently navigate all kinds of social situations. It will help you create lasting impressions that establish trust and reliance.

Dining Etiquette

Dinning Etiquette
How you conduct yourself at the dining table can influence others’ perceptions of you, impacting your business and social relationships. This course teaches you dining skills to help you appear more confident and feel more at ease when dining casually or formally, for business or for pleasure.

Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette
When you are a working professional, there are a set of rules that you are expected to maintain at your workplace. The business etiquette course focuses on making proper business introductions, cubicle etiquette, meeting and email etiquette and many more.

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